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As a contemporary mixed media artist, I draw inspiration from a diverse palette of materials, ideas and techniques.  My strong interest in environmental, political and social causes creates a meaningful interplay with the artistic process and allows my voice to be heard. Several creative series have been born: see what I have to say about genetically modified organisms, share my appreciation for bamboo, visit my politics.

Many of my pieces utilize the grid as a common denominator. My signature use of hardware mesh and screening links them aesthetically as well as structurally and serves as a conceptual starting point and canvas.  I  enjoy graphic imagery and my metal pieced works showcase an optical play of shadow and light.

Natural elements and found objects are juxtaposed with metal, industrial, and high tech materials. Often, layers of subtle detail and nuanced messages add a meaningful inner dimension within a larger graphic framework. With a Masters degree that highlighted creativity development and a professional background as a Creative Arts Therapist, I feel comfortable working intuitively as well as conceptually with whatever material or idea that beckons.

My work in fiber art includes 2-D and 3-D artwork for the wall, art to wear and home accessories. Weaving, knotting, stitching, resist and other surface design techniques are common modes of working.

I am on the Board of the Long Island Craft Guild and formerly served as Board Member of the New York Guild Of Handweavers and Gallery Director at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Huntington. Other pursuits include dancing, gardening, playing ensemble percussion.

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