Coral, Brown, Turquoise Necklace Pouch
Turquoise, Mauve with Blue and Iridescent Purple Beads
Reds and Periwinkle with Mother of Pearl Buttons
Natural tones with stone and beaded dangle
Naturals with Natural Turquoise and Coral Stones
Blues, Orange, Yellow, Green Necklace Pouch
Necklace Pouch with Fire Skirt
Blue on Blue Necklace Pouch with Beaded Necklace and Fringe
Turquoise and Orange Necklace Pouch
Red, Black, Fuschia, Turquoise, Orange
 Purple, Olive, Pink, Grey and...
Black, Blue, Orange Necklace Pouch
Southwest Woven and Beaded Necklace Pouch
Sea green, pale green, coral, pale yellow
Turquoise, Chartreuse, Fuscia, Lavender Necklace Pouch
Business Card/Necklace Pouch: Purple, Pink, Green, Blue
 Pink, Lavender, Mint Green Amulet Necklace
Business Card/Necklace Pouch in Rust , Turquoise and Black
Orange, Pink, Blue Necklace Pouch
Sea Green, Coral, Sand Amulet Necklace
Turquoise/Purple/Gold Necklace Pouch
Necklace Pouch in Pale Blue, Red ,Yellow, Green
Business Card/Necklace Pouch:Denim Blues and Light Brown
White on White Necklace Pouch with Bone Bead
Sand and Flora
Fire Skirt III
Purples and Multicolored tapestry inset
Blues and Oranges with Mother of Pearl Button
Woven, Beaded Amulet Necklace. Grey:Blue:Beige:Brown.JPG
Blue, Lavender and Sparkle with Glass Beaded Collar
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